Activities Colorado

The oldest existing fish hatchery in the USA dating back to 1889. Take a walk around the grounds, feeds some fish and enjoy the spectacular views. 
Copper Mountain is a local favorite ski spot. Located about 20 minutes from the park and has winter activites for the whole family. Opening day is 11/23/2022. 
Try the ultimate adventure and take a guided tour to 12,000 feet on an ATV. Gorgeous views of the area!
Take this breaktaking ride from Leadville to Aspen and enjoy views from 12,000 feet. Great place to look for wildlife too. Once in Aspen, you can grab lunch and take a gondola ride to the top of Aspen Mountain. Only open May 15th to October 15th.
Cool alpine temperatures and panoramic views await visitors on our 2,500 acre Private Preserve. Ride a 6-ton Monster Truck up scenic winding trails to the 1st departure deck at 11,500’ on the Continental Divide.  See historic mining claims and watch for abundant wildlife.
Step back in time and visit InterLaken resort. Journey to a now-abandoned resort on the shores of Twin Lakes, called Interlaken, that you can only reach by trail or boat.
It may look like rugged terrain, the 11.6 mile loop was designed in mind to be ADA accessible. Gorgeous Bike ride or walk with views of abandon mines. 
Take a scenic ride above the clouds on the Leadville Train. Round trip is 2.5 hours. Check website for departure times, as they vary throughout the year. 
The Tabor Opera house has 140+ years of history and has had many "legends" on stage - Buffalo Bill, Oscar Wilde & John Philip Sousa.
First stop... Breakfast! 

City on a Hill is our first stop for coffee- there is just something about small town coffee shops that we love! 

Buchi - fabulous Cuban coffee and Paninis! 

Silver Llama- Wonderful bakery and coffee shop! 

Golden Burro - offering vegan breakfast platters.


Lunch and Dinner Ideas?Lunch or Dinner ideas? Here’s our suggestions… 

Tennessee Pass - Very close to the Tiny Houses, this restaurant has fresh food and a great outdoor patio for the warmer months 


High Mountain Pies - We are from Philly and know pizza. This is GOOD pizza! 


Quincy’s - Menu is pretty simple- Filet Mignon, Prime Rib or Vegetarian. Great steaks for the price and the interior has a cool old West vibe 


Treeline Kitchen - Fine dining serving unique tasty dishes 


Pastime Bar - Delicious burgers! Live music Friday & Saturday nights. 


Casa Sanchez - Fabulous Mexican food offering homemade Tequila 


D’Love Coffee and Ice Cream - Hand scooped ice cream!